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I have always had a niggling worry in the back of my mind about finding a job - a good one. Don't we all? I'm sure we do.. But lately, especially, it's come closer to the surface than it's ever been before. When I see the amount of students in my course alone, let alone my university, I am staggered by the crazy rush of people who must be entering the work force who have had more or less the same education as everyone else. It's not a secret that a degree doesn't mean much anymore - experience, contacts and getting yourself stuck into something/somewhere early is far more important. And that's what worries me. (Though it shouldn't, if I work hard etc etc. I know.) I think I just ..wonder sometimes if there is a place in this world for me.

I really hope this year I can get these anxieties under control. Hopefully if I stay on top of my study, take it a little bit at a time every day, I'll be okay :)

Wish me luck! Much love xo

P.S. I took Nicholas to Hurstville today after work because I forgot to bring his new hoodie to work haha. RACIST ASS WAS LIKE "AM I IN JAPAN?" WHEN WE WALKED INTO NOGGI WTF. Oh and I had a massive nightmare parking wtf, LET'S JUST SAY THAT I CAN'T 90-DEGREE-ANGLE PARK FOR SHIT (I was too close to the cars if that makes sense.. You know how you're meant to be quite far away from it before you pull in??) WELL I WAS TRYING TO FUCKING PARK AND I WAS FAILING AND THE LEB GUY WHO WAS IN THE SPACE NEXT TO THE ONE I WAS TRYING TO PULL INTO ACTUALLY TOLD NICK TO HOP IN THE DRIVERS SEAT AND TAKE OVER. O M F G HE WAS LAUGHING SO HARD AND I WAS SO INDIGNANT OMG. But he was funny and nice AHAHAHA but HIS GF WASN'T EVEN OFFENDED WTF. (YES THIS IS WHAT OFFENDS ME) (BAD DAY FOR FEMINISTS OMFG)

ANYWAY That was my story HAHAHAHAA. What is even life. And he doesn't like mochi either (woo! His face when he ate it was hilarious tr0l0l0l0l HOW DO PEOPLE EVEN LIKE IT? It's so chewy and not the good way ick. And it goes so badly with froyo. Whose idea was this?) but he DOESN'T LIKE GREEN TEA FROYO. GREEN TEA FROYO. I can't even

Oh and today was rainy and stuff but it was okay actually!! Usually I don't like the rain too much but I've come to expect it now. I like watching the seasons change hehe. ♥ ♥ ♥

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