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Had the most ridiculous day at work today. I make that claim far too often HAHA But today, in particular, it was emotionally and mentally draining as well. I am still wondering how I'm not fired yet wtf. (Took WAY too many breaks.)

BEACH HOUSE TOMORROW. I am not as excited for it as I should be, this weather (among other things) is messing with my head AIYAH

(But amongst all this, I am grateful for everything. I have much more than I deserve)

12:12AM Sunday 03 February
BLOGGING MORE THAN USUAL LATELY WTF AND I HAVE BEEN SOOO LAZY WITH PHOTOS AS WELL!!!!! Don't know what on earth is happening to me!!!!! Hehehe anyways just wanted to express a few things:

Firstly, that BEACH HOUSE IS LITERALLY LIIITTTERRALLLYYY TODAYYYY AND I'M MORE EXCITED THAN NERVOUS/ANXIOUS AGAIN. HOLY SHIT my moodswings are bringing me back and forth HAHA. (Must be careful not to be too excessive with my emotions, can't be healthy. Sometimes passion must be reigned in and this is probably the story of my life wtf) Anyway YAY I have yet to finish packing hahaha must I always do things halfway? /__\" #plzno

Okay I forgot my second point but I'm pretty sure it was simply a collective YAY for Shawn who I appreciate very very much and he is a fantastic human being so yay for him. And great good mood is ruined now cause parents are talking about money which always makes me unhappy lawl. (But partly because I'm a fucking brat.)

Okay bye now I hope everyone has a wonderful fantastic week with absolutely no emotional rollercoasters whatsoever!!!! Much love MWA!!!

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