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In order of most importance to least importance:
  • Download Subject Outlines from UTSOnline
  • Do any homework/research (rofl) that I have yet to do (local council website, pin number, check UTS email etc. Trying to remember most of them should be a dot point in itself.)
  • Visit Officeworks when I have time
  • Clean room ffs (not sure if this or the one above should receive more importance)
  • Set up camera
  • Get eyebrows done
  • Photoshop photos (ssssooo mmmaannnyyyy.... From beach house, my birthday, etc etc..)
  • Buy wallet (..maybe later on, when you stop wasting so much money Jess)
  • Make time for Him (the diety)
  • Lose weight fat biatch
  • Make myself much more knowledgeable about the world around me.. And to be less socially fucking awkward wtf? (I didn't click with very many people today :(, but I guess it WAS only the first day of uni. JESUS CHRIST JESS CALM DOWN Y R U SO KEEN AHAHAAAAA aww man)
I do believe I'm growing up. (Well, hopefully I am. I'm learning to prioritise! (finally) (seriously it's about time)

Last few days have been fairly eventful :). My birthday was incredible - I was so unbelievably spoilt on my day haha, I got so much love from everyone that I truly didn't deserve. I also achieved my wish of eating my way through the day; Lowenbrau Keller lunch with my girls at Circular Quay/The Rocks; and then La Renaissance (??? Is this the name AHAHA) cakes across the street; Qin then presented me with two cupcakes from The Cupcake Bakery (which I never ended up finishing, sadly); shopping at TopShop for a while before getting icecream (omfg); dinner at Helm Bar and Bistro (shared Chirozo pizza with the girls, Moroccan lamb salad with Lynn and then later a slice of the Nutella pizza(!) that was turtally a surprise [heheh]); pre-drinks at Charlie Chans (okay I didn't have anything but I had a few sips of Q's Long Island), and then Hungry Jacks, where I used my app to get Q and I a two-for-one Bacon Deluxe LOLLLL, soooo 2/3 of that (seriously was so bloated why did I wear a tight dress honestly); and hey I think that was pretty much it. GOOD GOD, THIS IS WHY I'M FAT.

I had my first day at Uni today and I was so not expecting it to be so full on!!! I did have fun though, although it was clouded by my anxiety in regards to the upcoming assignments and how proactive I'd have to be to be successful in this course/any course/life in general. I'm trying to turn this anxiety into excitement, because I know that I tend to worry about this stuff a lot - even when I was in Insearch - and I really felt the stress from that and knew it was more over-the-top than it had any right to be. In any case, though, I'm totally stoked that I'm actually IN UTS now, even though it's taking my brain some time to adjust to the fact that I've actually been accepted into the course and that I finally belong here. It sounds so silly right? Haha. Hmm. Either way, I must remember how blessed and lucky I am to have all I have!!!!

Have a wonderful day, people!! Mwa!

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