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In the past few days I have gone to my UTS Orientation Week (sort of), slipped off my clean eating pledge (most definitely), spent more money than I can make (beyond a doubt) and just in the last hour or two acquired far too many more mosquito bites than I care to deal with ever.

Sooper healthy breakfast. LOL JOKEZ I bought a mini Pie Face pie because I wanted to break my note and they just looked so cute and small and yummo :( Anyways this is my berry bowl which I actually made and brought to eat on the train :D. I AM STILL NOT SICK OF IT!!!!!! WHAT. HOW EVEN. The granola stuff looks like plain oats on top of purple slush though. I promise it is much more delicious than it looks in this photo hahaha. The granola adds such a yummy texture to the berry bowl and fills one up with carbs :3! You're meant to eat it with strawberry, banana and some honey drizzled on top but strawberries aren't in season and I don't like banana on its own and I don't like honey that much either so it shall have to remain topless (ha ha) for now

UTS Baking Society AHAHA. Omfg. (Those whoopie pie/macaroon [pfft]-looking cookies up there were 5 for a dollar. Five for a dollar. Em and I just looked at each other and just went for it wtf. [It's ok we shared] [Still no excuse] [fuarrr])

HAHA At the photoshopped UTS building on the sign (I found dat hilarious) and LOL at me just taking photo with the ..purple.. moo cow thing (wtf froyo society wtf). THE GIRL ON THE RIGHT IS SUCH A BABE AW MAN IF I WAS A GUY AW MANNN

Wtf notsureifsrs

Had an excellent day at work today! After Chow, Em and I finished eating at Poporo, I went to Supre (this is getting really embarrassing) because their 50% sale is still on and I had to grab some tights for Q anyway. Ended up buying two identical skirts in different colours wtf. WHATEVS OK HAHAAAA Awww maaannn >.<" Wasting soo much money.. Gotta learn how to conserve T.T

Today's shift at work was excellent because a) it was good weather, b) Wangays was there, c) I was asked (along with some other Asian chicks) to look at some NESL stuff so we probably spent like a solid 20mins or half an hour just trying to translate and familiarise with the Mandarin survey script FUAR. I felt so ridiculously out of my depth; they were both so much more proficient at Chinese than I was, so they both went off and actually dialled while I went back to CSS HAHA. I said I'd take it home and try study it for homework but I don't know how much of that I'll actually get done wtf.

Took the train home with ma Wngys for teh el oh elz and Davey ended up having to drive his Jessica to Hurstville anyway HAHA so we had an interesting little car ride wherein he told me about his involvement with (..this is really embarrassing I've forgotten the name already) a Student Organisation that basically organised for exchanges so that students could give back to various communities. I thought it was certainly something worth considering since I always claim to want to be more socially active (as in social activism, not clubs and parties and shit) but nothing ends up happening with that hmm. ANYWAY HEHEH. I thought it was great he was doing that sort of thing, seeing as he did Economics at UNSW ^^"

After that, I procrastinated around on Facebook a bit before I made the final edits to Tran's menu and he came and collected it and I drove him home and I FUCKING GOT MACCAS OH MY GOD WHYYYYYYYYYYYY :'((((((((((((( I regret it so much lolol whatevs nup it was great and we sat in the car again and had a talk while I finished my food wtf. I love the loose change menu just sayin'. NO MORE THO NGH

EXHAUSTED! From my great day of work, and from my legs day (which I still haven't totally recovered from) (yesssss). Absolutely MUST EAT CLEAN TOMORROW So as to look tiny for Friday LOLLLLLL. Wish me luck wtf. MWA! ♥



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