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Agenda for the week:
Monday Nothing. (Was going to go to my Orientation but eh I ceebs.) Touch Footy. Wish me luck because good god I need it. ALSO I need to call UTS about my Orientation schedule and pay for my overdue toll.. #fuck #getyourshittogetherjessHAHA Thy shit has been gotten together!! Had some very lovely and helpful people on the phone :D, one of which was also called Jessica who was also studying Journalism!!! Ermagerhd. My new best friend.
Tuesday Orientation :) Anna is to be joining me tonight for dindin!! Yay I love her yay mwa come to me
Wednesday Orientation (ish) + student ID collection, and then work at night
Thursday Orientation again from 3-5pm. Oh and happy 20th Jimmy!!
Friday Celebrating my birthday by testing how much food my body can handle
Saturday idk post-birthday chilling at home/digesting food from last night. OH! Officeworks heheheh yay stationery shopping :3
Sunday Work. I AM WORKING NOT AT ALL THIS WEEK WTF (twice a week is nothing)
Monday First day of uni!!!!!!

In any case, I'm keen as beans for uni and nervous and a little reluctant at the same time. I wish I had more days at uni - this schedule is perhaps even chiller than Insearch was (this is a lie. Nothing is as chill as Insearch was). I've only got two subjects which is disappointing because I wanted to be more involved in uni life this year round, but ah well~ I hope that this means I get more time to REALLY study and learn my content and also give me enough luxury to keep the spare time I so selfishly want for myself and work at the same time ^__^ I love how short-lived my high over Oztam was haha. NEK MINNIT TAKEN OFF. Oh well.. I really hope they train me for other stuff! :\

On another note, a lot of new things are beginning for me this year (just when I thought I was getting used to everything). I hope everything turns out okay! Right now I just want to focus on getting my act together, having fun along the way and hopefully everything will just fall into place. And even if they don't, I hope I learn that that's okay too :). Happy Sunday everyone!! Much love ♥

P.S. OH OMFG HOW COULD I FORGET HAHAHA LAST NIGHT AT NOGGI HURSTVILLE THERE WAS A SPONTANEOUS HARLEM SHAKE ORGANISED AND IT WAS ACTUALLY DONE AND FILMED SO MUCH QUICKER THAN I THOUGHT! Literally only one take for the actual shake part omfg!!! HERE IT IS HAHA SEE IF YOU CAN SPOT ME (I'm right at the back behind the counter in a pink and white onesie. Had to tell you guys where I am or else you'd never find me wtf.)

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