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Hello! Today I went to Hurstville with John Wang and looked at some shops and ate at Maddies Cafe (their food is still not-that-great) and the whole time I was hobbling embarrassingly because I had a swollen tendon in my foot (yay for self-diagnoses on Google). When I got home I intended to take a nap but never did and I just lay in bed messing about on YouTube and ended up keying in 'journalism' in the YouTube search bar and coming across a small documentary of John Pilger on Real Journalism which I have yet to finish. I think I am so so so keen for uni that journalism has been sticking in my mind, and the fact that I'm feeling so incredibly under-equipped to do this course :|. I hardly know anything about Australian Politics let alone World History (or is it the other way around?). I also don't have much of an inclination towards film or sound, which might be a drawback, since most journalists/people in the media industry have to be multitalented. (I have photography, I suppose, but I'm not great at that either.)

My offer comes out in approximately six hours and thirty five minutes.. I wouldn't say I'm nervous, but I'm too antsy to be excited either. I can't wait to study at UTS!! Gonna cockblock Amiejays like mad AHAHAHA (Ok babe if you're reading this I'm only joking muah xoxo)

10.30pm rolled around, and attempts to go for impromptu late night food runs (okay it wasn't that late but y'know) with Simon finally came to fruition, so we hit up Sydney Domestic Airport's Krispy Kreme!!!! #FATLYF4EVER. On the way back though Sunny and Kim both texted me about shredding and so I have a new goal: under 50 by April 9, which will be the one year anniversary of when I started being actually serious about weight loss. I am 53.5kg again right now but hopefully I will kick my own ass again >:@. I don't want to even entertain the thought of having to suppress and ignore any shame at not being able to meet my own goals zzz. (I probably have something A Neurotic Thing about this haha, that's not always a bad thing right? If it motivates me?)

Anyway, goodnight my lovely darlings. I hope you have a fantastic Wednesday!!!!!!!!! Go, eat and be merry - but please try to use thy time wisely! (Something I am trying to aim for haha)

P.S. Wow I read over my own post and I am all over the place HAHA. Tried to blog about the events of my day but ended up blogging more about the things that have occupied my mind lately (DIS IS HOW BLOGGING SHOULD B OK)

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