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Dargh, so so so keen to clean up my diet!! Yesterday I had the Eggs Benedict for brunch, snacked on just a few strawberries in the afternoon, had spaghetti and meatballs for dinner at Jessie's as well as (two servings of) chocolate mudcake and icecream for dessert. Today Lynn and my first meal of the day were the tacos at Jordan's - I micronapped, I think - and then got back up to have fried icecream and moar subway cookies wtf. YOU'D THINK THAT WAS IT BUT NO I HAD MACCAS FOR DINNER HA HA HA God dammit I blame Tran entirely. ANYWAY. Very keen for my berry bowl tomorrow morning, and vegetables for the rest of the day hahaha. Can't believe how much the body changes in just a few days! Sleep well, my lovelies ♥P.S. Drove around delivering cookies to everyone (#girlscoutyunz) and ended my day with Sunsun chilling at a Lugarno .. lake thing.. where everything was still and the rock smelt like salt. I should like to go back again! ^.^

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