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Everyone seems excited about 2013, which makes me happy hehe. The beautiful weather makes me happy too, but having no plans on such beautiful days doesn't!! #grumpyyunz In fact, Kimbo and I have established that we probably have a mild form of Seasonal Affective Disorder:
"Seasonal affective disorder (SAD), also known as winter depression, winter blues, summer depression, summer blues, or seasonal depression, is a mood disorder in which people who have normal mental health throughout most of the year experience depressive symptoms in the winter or summer,[1] spring or autumn year after year.

Symptoms include:
- Hopelessness (yes, I don't feel happy at all when I see grey cloudy skies zz. It literally makes me feel as though the world isn't that nice a place D;)
- Increased appetite with weight gain (weight loss is more common with other forms of depression) (what?? This is harder to really determine LOL especially given my struggle with weight already anyway)
- Increased sleep (too little sleep is more common with other forms of depression) (again, not really discernible)
- Less energy and ability to concentrate (Certainly I feel as though I have less energy haha)
- Loss of interest in work or other activities (!!!! CEEBS. EVERYTHING. CEEBS CEEBS CEEBS)
- Social withdrawal (Don't want to go out on days of bad weather zz. Just wanna stay home snuggled in bed. With a cuddle partner preferably but THEY'RE RATHER HARD TO COME BY YOU SEE)
- Unhappiness and irritability (This requires no further explanation)

(LOLOL Bet y'all weren't expecting to get schooled when you came to my blog now were you!! Too late byatch NOW YOU'VE LEARNT SOMETHING NEW YAY hopefully :'(. I like to think that I may have contributed to someone's education at some point in their lives)
But seriously. The weather affects me a LOT. I feel nervous if I'm not out on a beautiful day - I'm very very excited and serene and content with life and just everything when it's good weather, and I get depressed and don't want to go out on grey sky days haha / o \.
As a result I quite miss Qin, and now I realise that it's actually because a) she's my partner in crime so of course I miss her and b) we're both single and a lot of our close friends are dating SSSSO. But she's halfway across the world so I'm gonna have to make do HAHA. I should be doing more with photography.. I'm forgetting how happy it makes me!

Some snaps from NYE hehe :). Will update this later, hopefully, so visit again soon! (Even though I've been painfully slow with posts sigh) (WARNING: Several selfies. You have been warned)

Picking up Wangays, who was my boyfee of the day WOOOOO. (Actually was hilarious, I bought underwear and got my eyebrows waxed and he held my bags and stuff trollolol. IT WAS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL DAY I WAS SO EXCITED DURING MY DRIVES HAHA he kept berating me about speeding / o \")

(Look at that massive gap between my lips and his cheek LOLOL omfg)

Moar selfies

Jessica the relatively dangerous driver

illchayz-ing at Alice's

Left is Jessie's frozen Oreo cheesecake batter. Apparently it didn't set properly so she just mashed it up and shoved it in the fridge, although I disagree; this is the perfect way to digest cheesecake. I had it as a sort of post-brunch dessert and it was divine
Right is today's Warm Slow-cooked Lamb Salad with pumpkin, goats cheese and baby spinach from Sul Ponte :) It wasn't too bad! I miss good saladz

Wow, I'm reaaally getting lazy about blogging lately sigh. Quick summary of my NYE night; an excited Miles, food that ran out far too quickly, leaving at 8pm for Alice's to spend some quieter time with half of my Atesum ladies and buying overly salty pizza, hating Skins (wowowowowowow that show is ridiculous I'm sorry LOL), a blocked view of the 9pm fireworks, going back to Jessie's and finding John sort of drunk (and adorably affectionate [which is unlike him]), lying on the patio just staring at the stars, literally grabbing the tub of tiramisu and eating that as 2012 turned into 2013 (and here is where I missed Qin intensely), all the kissing couples (@_____@), getting my phone spammed by Terry and Vivs, Malanie talking aaallll night HAHAHA, a not-that-quick Maccas run with people standing right behind my car which made me so nervous wtf, accusations of a lingering dog smell on Wangays that I swear to god didn't exist, sleeping for 3 hrs, cooking breakfast the next morning (mmmmm eggs and bacon and sausages.. omfg hungry nao), watching The Walking Dead (and sort of hating that too. How does - what - how do people - I can't even), the tired drive back home which seemed so different from the one 24 hours ago, crashing at home and I really can't remember much more than that.

Hmmm. During the past few days I met up with Josh and Lynn (and I ate twice at ajisen ramen), drove to his haus and had a more satisfying talk about things I really should be more immersed in, spending far too much time at Noggi, and my dad has decided to go bonkers at me again. Oh, I'm back into gym now though. I MISS THIS ACHE. FUARRRRRRR #compounddays #fuckyeah

I miss my friends though.. I miss the group dynamic. It's been ages since all of Octo or all of Atesum were together.

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