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(What have I done)

Today I drove to work and had my first Oztam shift ^_^! Was pretty nervous and spent half the shift getting tips and feedback from Paul/Jack, the supervisors haha. Interesting experience though and I REALLY hope I get better. This sounds so shitty but I swear my own voice was annoying me zz.. Stupid cough go away T_T"

I'm heading over to USyd tomorrow with LJK to help Ayu enrol into her course (she's transferring from International Studies to Psychology!! Clever bitch!) and neither Lynn nor I have ever been soooooo HAHA Wish us luck. Also Qin comes back! I can't wait to see her yayayayay! Gonna give her a mad hug (nah this probably won't happen, Qin and I never hug HAHAHA)

Have a lovely evening lovers ♥. And please remember, be careful what you wish for (because more often than not it comes and bites you in the ass)

P.S. ASK ME QUESTIONS PLEASE!!! So freaking bored wtf. Next 5-10 questions I will answer completely honestly and in-depth (depending on the question and how prudish or how #yolo I feel at the time)

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