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I had a fantastic night tonight, just hanging with my boys + Q + Jessie (sort of) (hehe). Perfect way to finish a day of work that ended on a bit of a low note today :(. I got to Rick's house, and Sunny and John were wrestling; Terry surprise shocked me from behind and we all just wrestled briefly (not really, I kind of put on punching gloves and pretended to have a go at Sunny). I missed them so much!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even though I didn't see them too long ago! Whenever I'm with them I often find myself thinking "they are genuinely all I need to be happy". And I feel blessed and lucky to have found myself these bunch of friends.. I really, really lucked out.

Anyway, after mucking about at Rick's just for a little while we went to Bevs and got Dergah Grill hahaha and talked a little bit about beach house detailz and Qin and Terry and John had unsatisfying chicken burgers and John and I split half a kebab wtf. Fatass. (There's some hypocrisy for you) ESPECIALLY SINCE I WANTED NOGGI AFTERWARDS AND JESSIE WAS WORKING SO WE WENT AND GOT NOGGI AND LOLLLLLLLLLLL. OH and we bumped into Amiejays and goodness it was lovely seeing him HEHEHE. I was in an odd mood.. Had one of those NRL's (no reason laugh's) with Qin (which was good) and I don't know John asked me if I was drunk and fuck I still feel really weird right now I don't even know why. ALL I KNOW IS THAT I DON'T FEEL NORMAL TONIGHT and I can tell I'm running away from my own thoughts of that makes sense.. And as cliche as this sounds (oh god) I'm running away from the truth. God I don't even know what the FUCK I'm saying right now mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

All I know is that everything I do seems to be so fucking undeniably selfish and that I'm just digging my god damn grave and karma's going to get me and I'm going to pay and have no one else to blame but myself

Why are you even reading this how do you feel about wasting like 5 mins of yo life LOL

This person I am clutching is Jamie. We have known each other since we were both four years old. I love him more than he loves me :'( and this picture is literally literally literally literally the essence of our relationship in one snapshot
(also I look like a fat cow. I would blame it on the kebab and froyo I just ate but fuck that I always look like this no hiding anymore)

From now on I am just going to love everyone as hard as I can

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