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didn't happen. So there's one thing I won't be adding to the jar of nice things that happened in 2013 :( Oh well. I hope that other good things happen anyway!

I was thinking earlier today that I waste an incredible amount of time in my holidays and just in general. I always treat holidays at the time where I'm going to do everything I'm supposed to but then OH IT'S THE HOLIDAY THERE WILL BE TIME TO DO THAT LATER LET ME JUST RELAX TODAY. Aaahh!! There are so many things to learn and read and see and do and oh man I need to get on dat shiet!!!! For starters, when it comes to politics and world history, I am embarrassingly unknowledgeable. Like SERIOUSLY to the point of stupid and wow who even are you why are you such a waste of space?? And with philosophy, I may have gotten a very good headstart with John's tuition but I may as well have wasted it all if I don't retain what I learnt and continue from there. TT___TT

So here's to a Jessica that is going to stop wasting time. PLANS FOR KINO TOMORROW!! YAY YAY YAY! LET'S DO THIS! #datewithmyself #wow #thisisreallysad #nupfuqu #yolo #wat

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