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with my friends. Turned up on time (for once) to Eric's dinner tonight and waited impatiently for Sunny and Terry to arrive and when they did it was like everything was alright with the world again. My lovers are literally all I need to breathe and be happy and simply the prospect of seeing them makes me happy and excited. (Spontaneous trip to Wangays' this/last morning, and another to Sunny's this/tomorrow morning hehe. I am bringing him a bacon and egg McMuffin before I drive to work, hopefully he doesn't see this post til after I do)

I love them entirely. Not simply loving at them, having love for them, but it's in everything they say and do and in our conversations and in the jokes they make and their hugs and their hand gestures and how all of that has an effect on me at all, and that it's them that affects me so and how much - how happy I am that it's them.

Was reading some ooollldd private blog posts of mine and I had a rare moment where I understood truly what it meant to love oneself because in those blog posts I do. I am reminded that I was once full of love and made those blog posts and I could see my own prayers and I could see how besotted I was with my friends and how besotted I still am.

I could never ever ever give them up. They are my family and they are my home. ♥

P.S. Note to my future husband: I can't wait for you to be my friend first!!! Let's just go from there, ok? ^.^

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