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I drove a lot today, but I was quite happy to. It was a sleepy and blindingly sunny sort of day; I picked up Kim and we drove to Vivs, and then to Cronulla where I sought a fulfilling burger which I did not find (disappointingly enough). We were a little aimless today, wandering back and forth, but finally we ended up at Viv's house and sat and sunbaked and walked in the water, just the three of us. (Okay, they walked in the pool, I dipped my feet in the water since I hadn't brought my swimmers.) After that was a shopping trip at Sylvania's Coles before I dropped Kimberly off and headed home.

Texting Qin last night and I asked her to send me a pic of what she was doing. This was her reply HAHA

Ma babez being pretty by the pool

Two of people I am very fond of hehe. I miss them both! (I miss them all)

In the afternoon, my room and my bathroom emits a beautiful glow from the setting sun :D. Makes being home more bearable. Hope you guys had a wonderful day today! Mwa!! xo

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