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Hello, humans! Had a productive day today!!

Woke up from a phone call from my Insearch Student Supervisor about the email that I had sent him last night (long story). In the end, though, I got things sorted and it was pretty much all sweet after then. Ate my breakfast and got ready for gym WHICH QIN WAS A WHOLE HOUR LATE TO HAHA, Oh man I messed around at gym so much :'( Literally not even gymming.. my breaks were far too long wtf. I'm not working hard enough -___-, I don't know what I'm doing working at like 70% (maybe not even) of my potential. ANYWAY.
Drove to BurgerLovers to takeaway a supersalad and drove to get my car washed; god I sort of don't like going there.. All the car washers are fucking perverts (that's another story) and their attention to detail is dismal. (Although I guess washing dozens/hundreds of cars day in day out must make you a bit lax sometimes, still.. There were so many streaks and patchy spots that I couldn't be bothered asking to get cleaned up T_T I wish Kim were there haha I wonder what she'd do in that situation. She's such a firecracker at all the right moments)
Also refuelled my car, my baaaby. (Oh I should also mention that watching my car get washed was mildly arousing. Does anyone else get this? Or do I have some weird fucking fetish?) WANTED TO GET TO WORK HALF AN HOUR BEFORE MY SHIFT STARTED BUT THERE WAS SO MUCH TRAFFIC AT 4PM X O X There is a beautiful new cafe open near my work and I wanted to get affogatos ermagerhd! Way too hopelessly addicted to that stuff. I need to stahp.
In any case, the big job is back at work so that means new people hired + everyone is back to work!! (For those who don't know what the hell I'm on about, I work in market research so this means that there are a few times a year where it gets REALLY REALLY busy for like two months because there's a big job and then quiet again. One of the big jobs are coming back again :)) Was so good to see everyone HEHEHEHE like Feras and Niq (ok he doesn't really count HAHA) and Muzzy and JUST PEOPLE IN GENERAL yay
I didn't do very well work-wise though.. Probably because I took way too many breaks hahaaaaaaaaaaa. No excuses. Speaking of no excuses, Sunny more or less confronted me about my shitty eating/gym habits lately and I had no more defences other than "yeah I know I suck oh my god I am pathetic" so tomorrow he's going to fucking destroy my legs in what is hopefully going to be a very good and/or painful workout. Get keen guys. :*

Anyway, much love! (I keep saying anyway!!! Bad habit!) MY GPA RESULTS COME OUT TOMORROW WISH ME LUCK HOLY HOLY HOLY HOLY SHIT
P.S. Oh and I (sort of) worked with my Wangays bubbles today and HAHA seeing him at work is so fun ermagerhd. But they were kicking people out (apparently too many people were working) so he left earlyyyyyyyyy noooooooooooo :( Hmmmmmmmmm. And that was my day!! I know how I blogged about it was very all over the place but I swear it felt very productive ok!! (Got some uni shit sorted out, gymmed [pathetically], grabbed a salad and got my car washed and refuelled, worked.. And came to the realisation that my willpower/drive/discipline/self control is quite certainly less than nought. Pretty solid day)

P.P.S. Weather was beautiful. Was in a good mood for most of the day ^_~ (although if I hear anything by Bruno Mars on the radio again I swear to god somebody gonna get hurt tonight) (if you understood that reference you are fantastic)

P.P.P.S. Nicholas lent me Hunger Games and Sweeny Todd, both of which I have yet to watch. And this is like a microscopic drop in the ocean of must-watch movies that I haven't watched yet /__\.

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