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WOO Last night I just discovered Just Kidding News and in one day I watched all of it and I'm still so obsessed with Jon Mcxro's Don't Say Nothin' ft. Jojo :3. Fuark David So is gr8 n__n

You are welcome 8)

Spent today with Knickerless and his friends! Wooooo saw Colline and Feras after a long time hehe AW I miss them. And it was amusing and interesting to see where Nick got his humour from hahaha (all his friends have the same jokes [obviously]. Wtf I don't get half of them). Ate at Hooters for the first time (!!??!!?!?!), bought a salad, hardly finished it, moved to Maccas and bought a delicious caramel mocha that made me all sleepy :$, went back to get my jacket and the rest of my stuff, and pretty soon we went to Colline's house and I did absolutely nothing there O_o. (Although other people were karaokeing and playing with toy lightsabers and playing on the Wii and such.)

HAD FUN! Drive was better than I expected although I almost shat myself when it suddenly started pouring really hard and I couldn't see anything.

No more words now. Sleep well everyone ♥

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