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1. I never know how to begin these. I always have great ideas and random things that I think would be interesting to put in lists such as these but then they fall away like leaves into a gutter the next day. #BadMetaphors #AculyisSimilie #HadtoFuckingGoogleThisShit #FuckingPatheticEx4UEnglishStudent #GoRedotheHSC #GodPleaseNo
2. The best compliment you can give me is anything nice about my photography or my blog.
3. Number 2 was a lie. (But I don't want to reveal what the BEST compliment one could give me because then everyone would know exactly what to say to me and it wouldn't mean much now would it?) But really, the I believe the best compliments would just be absolutely anything that perhaps no one usually ever notices or compliments. The randomer the better! (I think people will have different interpretations of what that is, though. Which is pretty awesome, too!)
4. I have something of a love-hate relationship with being on my own/spending too much time with myself. This is literally in direct relation to the weather, as you probably know by now if you are a close friend/have been keeping up with my blog hahaha.
5. I can love so hard that it hurts sometimes, and yet I am surprisingly thick and inconsiderate more often than I care to recall.

6. I will make this a regular thing! Five Things Friday (even though it's Wednesday but fuck it yolo I break the rules). Would you guys like this to be a regular thing? Or did it bore you to tears? Hahaha

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