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was good to me. But tonight I don't have very many words in me, so here are a few from one of the photobloggers I follow, Caiti Borruso;
So here’s to 2013 ... I can only hope that I’ll be as lucky and happy as I was this year. My only goals are to keep creating what I want to, to work hard (harder than I worked this year) and to keep being happy, to keep working hard at being happy like I did this year. This was maybe the first year of my life I made that a priority and it shows and I’m so damn grateful for that. For everything.

My photography and editing skills got better, as did my academics, my fitness and my relationship with God. I got my first job, made new friends, developed a froyo obsession (as did the rest of the world), acquired my provisional driving license, watched my friends fall in love with each other (and I with them) and was happy (for the most part). In the background I had bouts of presumably self-inflicted doubt and unhappiness but I am lucky enough to have amazing friends who stayed with me the entire time. 2013 has already begun (of course this post is belated haha) and I hope that this year is even better than the last. ♥

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