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Uni has been getting in the way of publishing posts and photos that are long overdue. I'm kinda sick right now - all the bad food and all nighters have caught up to my body and as John said, my body is being punished for it hahaha.

Meet my bf

(best friend AHAHAHAHA Did I get you there??)

Ok enough lame ridiculous jokes. I am off to brush my teeth and finish The Sound Of Music (which I am watching for the first time, by the way. I bawled like a baby when he sang back to his children and the hugged him holy shit)

P.S. Trying for my Ps this month. Wish me luck, please, I have a tendency to speed, which I am so deathly afraid will be my fail item. I MUST PASS FFS I HAVE MY CAR ALREADY I JUST NEED THE GODDAMN GOVERNMENT'S PERMISSION TO LEGALLY DRIVE IT ALONE AAAHHHH

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