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BEST DAY EVER! My holidays have officially begun (okay they began on Friday [sort of] but y'know). I have done a ridiculous amount of driving since then and the rate at which the money in my bank account is depleting is seriously the most pitiful thing in the world. (On top of having to pay for everything now, I bought a $179 Seafolly bikini today. A little part of me died today. I swear to god it better fucking last forever.)


Last day of first year of uni ever. Client presentation. Definitely wasn't nearly as polished as we wish it was, and knew we were capable of, but got a solid distinction, so that was okay. All of us exchanged Christmas presents hehe; I bought Gabe cupcakes from The Cupcake Bakery and some macaroons and Gabe got me macaroon mix HAHAHA. Mona's present is arriving in the mail and I have yet to purchase hers (!!!! dammit). ANYWAY, went home napped for too long, showered, took the train with qinny_cr0wn to Town Hall where we met up with Kristy and Annagays, went to Aurora Bar for the Christmas Party, didn't have as much fun as we thought we would, came home, Qin drove Jian, James, Rick and ..someone else home LOL (even though we drank a leeeeettle bit in the beginning of the night [we were totally sober ok]) and I drove Kyle home and got home and yay that was my Thursday.

(he has a massive head does he not)

Sleep ins, visiting Jessie at Noggi (and bumping into Phil and Denga on the way), joining James, Catherine, Jian, Toffles and others at the food court before heading to Berryblitz Hurstville :D. THEN after I had my (first) froyo hit of the day, the remaining guyz and I walked to my baby because I kindly offered to drop them off (this is a lie I just like driving) but not before bumping into Sunny and Terry wtf. I was too excited to see them HAHAHA. Aaannd yeah!! Fucking got lost driving Princess to Strathfield wtf I hope he never has to direct me anywhere ever again -_-. Anyway yes when I got home I went back out again in an hour, had my second hit of froyo (at Berryblitz again) with 4/7 of my Atesum girlz before heading off to try out the new Japanese place in Westfield ^_^. I didn't eat very much .. I don't really eat much in general lately, my nutrition is shit haha fuck. Anyway! After that we moved to Noggi where I did NOT get any froyo because honest to god three times in a day is just pushing it, but we sat there for a while and chatted and chilled and then we home n__n And that was my Friday!

Today (Saturday)
Very last-minte hours-before-pool-party bikini shopping with Q at Cronulla, spending $179 on a Seafolly bikini (mother of god if they don't last me for fucking ever I'm going to throw a fit), getting lost at Miranda and having to circle back from Caringbah to pick Ariss up, getting to Sunny's with the pool party already well underway, hunting for scissors to cut the tags off my new bikini, WEARING MY NEW BIKINI (a lot of firsts today. First time driving to Lugarno, first time purchasing a bikini, first time wearing it out...), John's pedobandaidstache, failed underwater photos, picking up pizza with Sunsun, all the pizza I did not fucking eat, all the food in general that I did not fucking eat today, picking up Lynn at Noggi with Kim and Qin, BUMPING INTO JIAN/JAMES/TRAN AT NOGGI WTF HAHA, meeting Jian's baby (it is pretty!! And he got his Green Ps yay!!), THE MILLION TUBS OF FROYO WE BROUGHT BACK, driving back out (again) with Sunsun to pick up Damo, jammin' seshes with Jordan and his trusty guitar, double coats of Aeroguard, a very failed attempt at Spin The Bottle Truth or Dare, having fun cleaning up, surprisingly good music on the radio at like 12pm while driving Willow to Hurstville Station (why the FUCK does all the good music come on at 12pm? Fucking sick of listening to all the same tracks during the day omfg I must have heard the same 5 songs a million times today), finally getting home, and taking a ridiculous amount of care with washing my Seafolly bikini. Anything that costs that fucking much deserves some RESPECT.

(Love freshly washed hair!!! [i.e. untangled hair haha, my hair tangles far too easily.])
Seafolly is a combination of the words Sea and Folly. This is certainly an accurate description of their bikinis. YES YOU DO WEAR THEM TO THE SEA AND YES IT IS FOLLY (noun. a foolish idea, act or practice) TO BE CONVINCED BY THE NICE SALESGIRLS AT THE SHOP TO PAY THAT MUCH WHEN YOU'RE NOT EVEN WORKING!!! Okay I have to stop complaining HAHA I'm actually happy that I have a bikini nao)
Me: "Kiss my cheek now"
John: "This is how I kiss"
(Needless to say I am sick to fucking death of froyo right now)

If you guys actually read all that, GOOD ON YOU I LOVE YOU ALL HAHA. I will break up the ridiculous amount of texts with photos soon!! Sleepytime now, mwa!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

P.S. LOL the tags. I made a LOT of tags when I was younger HAHA oh god

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