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I intended for this blog post to be a rant about how much I hated sloppiness in writing and how I thought that if you didn't submit your best work, then you might as well really not submit at all. (All these lessons are from John my tutor, of course.) But then I realised how incredibly hypocritical it was of me to say that, because my room is a mess, my nails are a mess, my damn handwriting is a mess, my car is disgusting and unwashed and I never really start my work unless it is due within the next three days or something. Hmm.

Even though I have four group members waiting on me to edit and submit their revised essays, I'm looking forward to tonight! Can't wait to see all my friends and hang out and play Pictionary and snap photos and drive heh heh. Happy birthday (party), Willow! ♥

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