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Or so the saying goes, anyway. Mother has been gone (to China! LOL) for about a month now and I don't miss her so much as I do ..feel her absence, and the fact that it might be strange when she's back. Like I'm used to her being gone now. And I don't like that feeling, because it finally means that I'm growing older and so are my parents and soon I shall have to 'fly away from the nest' and all that and seeing them will not be a daily occurrence anymore. I miss them already. ♥

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! Mine was quite lovely, better than last years (at least I actually did something this Christmas and didn't spend it mostly alone LMAO) ^__^ My Christmas Eves are always far more eventful than my actual Christmasses, and I had a very full day indeed!! The morning consisted of meeting up for brunch and present swapsies with Shawn (who ended up fkn randomly flying off to Dubai/Pakistan that evening wtf), getting bloated on a regular Noggi that I shared with Anna who came to Hurstville for Xmas Eve (she is such a selfish froyo eater wow full chooses all the toppings), a horrible horrible drive to Terry's with Anna and Lynn and myself all screeching at each other in the car LOL, cloudy skies, rain and many many Asians in da haus, not eating very much at all, failed group photos, a lovely evening doing not much at all despite the rain that ruined our Christmas lights-hunting, driving Annagays and Lynn home/to the station and the drive back with Sunsun, realising Qin missing for like half an hour and searching for her with Wangays only to find her in Sophie's bedroom getting her makeup done wtf, everyone eventually migrating into Soph's bedroom as a result AHAHA, relocating to Terry's room as Christmas Eve became Christmas and also because Sophie had to sleep because she had work the next day, leaving at 2am and getting Sunsun and Qinqin to install my new GPS with me, the very careful drive home and the sweet, sweet shower that came after HAHA.

Here are some photos of my Chrissy Eve ^_^

And finally,

What is his perfection I can't even

Christmas was just lazing around at home, dinner at Taste of Shanghai with Daddy-O and a late night Maccas adventure with S and Q ^_^ (You should see me try to remember what I did. Literally stalking my own twitter timeline wtf.) Boxing Day was lazing around at home watching random documentaries and a whole bunch of Scrubs and skyping with Nicholas (who was gaming.. Which made me realise that like all the guys I talk to pretty much game, which led to this tweet).

And yesterday I watched The Hobbit with Nick, had N2 for the first time, watched a street performer on Darling Harbour (in the shade), came home and cleaned my room (sort of) in 20 minutes, checked into Sheraton hotel and got ready very quickly also, WAITED MORE THAN AN HOUR IN MARQUEE'S LINE O M F G, clubbed (and coughed) but had much fun nonetheless (til 4am. God damn wtf), walked around what felt like half the whole CBD for Hungry Jacks, came back to the hotel and slept for 4 hours and came back home and watched Lord Of the Rings (and enjoyed it) and slept some more and now here I am. WOW. This has been the most half-assed blog post ever. Ceebs writing quality posts for you guys, tbh I just don't wanna forget what I do ^^"


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