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With my biggest assessments of this semester out of the way, I feel like I can finally breathe a little easier again (even though I have to cough every other minute). I still have an eBook production due exactly a week from now and at least two parties this week, but hopefully I'll be okay *bites lip*. Oh - and I know there must be a million holes in my Public Relations campaigned that I hastily finished but I think I'm beyond caring now. Tonight, at least, I shan't do any work; I want to relax nnnyyaaahhh! But more than that, I am ITCHING to take photos. I am itching to spend time with friends and create new memories and remember why life is so worth living.

Today's wins (despite coming some ..four hours late to class); scraped a D in my big essay, spent some lovely quality time with Amiejams, our team finally won a game at touch footy aaaaaaand I had a haiku or three written to me!! HAHAHA. That was fun ^_^. Jess is happy today! Happy Monday, everyone!

New update on my photoblog! xo

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