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and it's gon' be you and me tonightt ♫

More photos WTF! UPDATING SO MUCH YAY! YAY FOR PHOTOS! AND TECHNOLOGY! I forgot my iBaby today at home aahh, felt more anxious than I thought I would when I realised @___@. (Train rides feel much longer)
Also, I didn't finish my assignment until 5am this morning. Lovely Shawn stayed up with me haha (APPARENTLY HE WAS WORKING PRODUCTIVELY ANYWAY) but DAMMIT WHY CAN'T I SEEM TO WORK DURING REGULAR HOURS LIKE A REGULAR HUMAN BEING?!!?!? ZZZZZZZZZ

Quick dinner with Qinqin at Manmaruya last night after she finished work! Holy moly hadn't been there in a REALLY long time.. I'm gonna say a good half year

I'd never even heard of Mad Mex until I started going to uni and passing it by, so I lost my Mad Mex virginity hehehe. I had a quesadilla (sp???????) which was so good wtf but so messy to eat but so good anyway. SO MUCH FOR EATING CLEAN TODAY HAHAHA /__\".

LOOK!!!! WAFFELMAKERZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!! (Kim saw them on sale at Miranda's Target and grabbed some for us today ehehehe.) I EVEN STARTED LOOKING UP RECIPES BECAUSE I WAS THAT KEEN TO MAKE WAFFLES. I NEED TO CALM MY PONY.

Scratch what I said before, THIS IS THE PRETTIEST PIC OF FROYO. HOLLLLY. LOL I AM GETTING FROYO EVERY TIME I'M AT UNI MAN. Photo taken by my darling Mona! ♥

FOR THOSE WHO ARE CRAVING FROYO AROUND UTS LIBRARY, THIS IS PRETTY MUCH RIGHT NEXT TO IT!!! When you walk out of UTS library, walk like HALF A BLOCK PAST THE 7/11 (that's obviously not towards Market City) AND YOU SHOULD SEE IT IN ALL ITS PINK AND WHITENESS!!!! (Fave colour combo ever.) (Seriously one of these days I'm going to start demanding people sponsor me for all this advertisement I do wtf.)
FURTHERMORE, in the event that you need another reason to convince you to go get froyo, the toppings are only 50c wtf compared to Wowcow's $1 (not sure bout other froyo places cause I hardly go/don't remember LMAO). UMMMMMM. FUCK TO THE YEAH. I WOULD EAT THIS DAILY IF POSSIBLE LOLLLLLLLLLL.

Today was Touch again hehe ^_^. The Ogirls came over for an unplanned dinner at my house (never boil dumplings and then try to fry it in the same saucepan lololololol) + they actually enjoyed my mum's food which surprised me ahaha. Anyway, touch was good fun, we had a lot of subs today! Some people got a little injured but otherwise it was fun ^_^. We reaalllyy need to train AHAHA So a few of us hung back just to practice (yay thankyou boys). Dunno where I got all of my energy today from though! 3 hrs sleep wtf -__- Still annoyed at myself for pushing it so late.

Hope everyone had a loooooovely day! ^_^ Today's weather was wonderful!! Much love! I think I need sleep, my back is kinda feeling acheyish O_o P.S. I wonder what my readers (who don't know me personally) know of my friends? HAHA I talk about them so much, just by default, but I never think about the fact that people around the world are reading about my friends too!

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