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A good 80% of the music I've heard lately has been Taylor Swift. Also, am I the only strange one who listens to radio on iTunes? #heh

A quick update to remind myself what happened + show off Kim:
Wednesday was driving in the morning, a uni info session in the afternoon, and Paranormal Activity 4 with my Octobubbles minus Jamie at night ^_^. (I hadn't eaten so we ate at Subway which was right next door [also they had a clever 1 or 2 free cookies with every meal purchase marketing ploy for that evening because the Twilight midnight screening was on HAHA. I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE, VERY CLEVER]; Everyone who ordered but Rick got salads NOM NOM.) We headed to Hurstville park where we proceeded to do ridiculous things wtf, like throwing a football around (ok that was just the boys) and spinning around and running to the other side of the park HAHA. Soon it deviated to spin-around-and-wrestle each other (girls), and also spin-around-and-do-five-pushups-in-a-row (boys). ARE WE WEIRD? ADULTS AT A PARK RUNNING AROUND AT 10PM AT NIGHT. OH! And Jamie actually drove past!! Like a mob we all flocked to his car at the same time AHAHAHA It was so cute!!

Thursday was Uni, shopping (oh my god. So much shopping.), baking with Kimmycub, dinnering with Kimmycub and delivering our baked goods to people hehehe ♥


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