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SPENT ALL DAY WITH QIN TODAY. I suspect she is/will get quite sick of me wtf. I don't blame her.

We gymmed in the morning, ate at Burger Lovers, shopped at Hurstville and then came back out to go to Ikea AAAHH. Tomorrow is a packed day too! Gonna try them waffles again in the morning (don't even ask about the disaster that was this morning hahaha), driving lesson at 11:30am, uni meeting about UAC & going to UTS next year at 2:30pm, gymming again with Qinqin at 6pm (she is going twice a day on Wednesdays!!). FUARK. I should sleep early tonight! It's not even 10pm woah, why does it seem so much later than that?

Bad photo of white furniture (my room in the future is going to be so beautiful, full of lovely neutral colours, natural light and organic details fuark.) + sneaky shit of Qin


Bathroom (this is a terrible shot, even the cute little shower is beautiful ugh wat is even lyf)

Christmas simply reminds of Kim now! ^_^ Q noticed the table was perfectly eight people haha, "HEY octo dinner!" (something along those lines)

Vain yunz in the mirror of a lovely white wardrobe // There were these weird face mask things and Qin tried one on for lulz (she put it on upside down haha!)

"Beauty that never wilts." — Ikea (these are fake flowers!)

Is that lick of hair at the front annoying anyone else? & i no u r mirin my super fashionable haute couture fluro yello ikea bag // IKEA FOOD. SO FAT. SO CHEAP. SO GOOD. Okay that's a lie, mass-produced food can never be wonderful, but chy'know, FUCK YEAH $3 MEATBALLS (!!!!!??????? they were on sale today) etc

Fuark! That's it! SOMEONE TELL ME HOW GREAT I'VE BEEN FOR POSTING EVERY DAY WITH PHOTOS HAHA #hardworkingatallthewrongthingszz

P.S. Forgot to inform you guys of what I bought! I know you are all dying to know rofl. I got very useless things, including two containers (one for flour [this is gross but bugs keep getting into it ugh] and another for icecream that I know I'm gonna make in the future ahaha [also to make it easier for me when I bring my three vats of icecream to Belle's tea party SHIET. It is a tea party, so the flavours are all tea flavours!! Awesome or??), a faux fur throw rug thing (?__? I sound like I don't know what I'm talking about but I've wanted one for freaking agez. I think it was only ten dollars. Fuck to the yeah mate, gotta love mass production), a fake lavender plant for my room (also something I've been thinking about getting for a while, will take pics when there's better lighting :3), a bowl (it is pink. That's enough said right?), a white photo frame (no reason for this other than it was cheap), aaaaaaaaaaaaand I actually think that's it o.o"

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