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I feel almost guilty about all the fun I've been having lately. Today, Annagays was in the area(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and she joined Ricky, Qinny and Terry and I for dinner at le Sizzler, and made the night so much better. I do love her :3 ♥

Anna eats so much. I barely managed to finish a plate of food from the salad bar and one of those mini burgers you see there (I did have two small bowls of dessert though HAHA Fuck yeah ugh), but she polished TWO loaded plates of food and a plate of dessert afterwards and didn't seem very deterred by it at all. Also, those sweet potato fries on Terry's plate are EPIC.

I also became pregnant (with food babies) and fell into a (food) coma. They count, right? No but seriously thank god for double cardio tomorrow (swimming in the morning and Touch Footy training in the arvo WHADDUP!!!), and after that I think we're going dinner HEHEHE :D. I LOVE HOLIDAY-MODE OCTO!! COME AT ME LIFE!

Cutest cunts in the world and they are all mine mine mine!!

I realllyy really really need to learn to balance my academic studies though! I need to breeze through my readings and begin crafting my massive 3k essay!!!! Wish me luck pumpkins, and I hope everyone is feeling as happy as I do! n__n

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