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not dead just have shit to write

please wish me luck i really need it ok thankyou bye xo

Friday 30 Nov, 12:40AM
I am far too romantic, too impractical, too ..gone to function in this world sometimes. I sometimes forget how much I dream, how much I want, how much I indulge; lately, I have considered myself so incredibly selfish in always doing what I like instead of doing what I should and must. In fact, lately I have been almost dangerously harsh on myself - telling myself I am less than I am, for fear that I become too arrogant and self-absorbed (that is, more so than I already am [see what I mean?]). But I can't stop dreaming. I feel like there is a force, a sort of spirit inside me that is being pulled into a world where I want to explore and just totally immerse myself into, and I can't seem to distance myself from that pull, that irresistible attraction. I was just telling Shawn that I longed for the holidays; to do be gloriously lazy and yet passionately active at the same time. I want to read, think, learn new things and make new memories and experience those crazy wild moments that teenagers are supposed to have and yet I want to sleep forever. I need to calm down! I need to fly back to earth. I have essays to write; what I NEED is discipline.

Thank You, for You are all my dreams and in all the thoughts that I have, whether I realise it or not. You have given me so much. Show me how to love You the right way. ♥

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