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Here. Here is the happiness that I have missed. Ugh thank god thank god thank god.

Today I did everything but study; this morning was gymming with Qin (tragic. We swapped cakes [wtf?] and the receptionists at Fitness First were turtally judging us HAHAHA but they were very kind and put it in the fridge for us hehe), ate some lunch at home, Octo members were restless so Kimmy came to my place - and so did Terry, Sunny and Qin; we stuck around in my living room until we decided to go see Jamie very quickly (mostly to decide on something to do) and I DROVE AGAIN YAY and everyone survived (too bad I am not careful enough and do not have the habit of shoulderchecking/keeping to the road rules in general [did not stop at the stop sign. Did not stick to speed limits. soz]); then we went to John's and had a second lunch at Burger Lovers (John drove. He is an angel he was uncomfortable with me driving so acquiesced and I cannot cannot cannot say no to John heheh), I had a gorgeous bbq chicken wrap LOL, I drove him home, then we all drove back to my place and all returned home. n__n

YOU'D THINK THAT WAS THE END OF MY DAY RIGHT? I sat down and tried to study but ended up taking a nap instead, and then I got woken up by a million iMessages going off on my iBaby and Qin had suggested a midnight outing and literally like nekminnit she was over (she had to come collect her bag anyway). HEHE I ate again..... HAHA oh my god -_-
OH!!!! WE DISCUSSED KOREA PLANS! I THINK THIS IS REALLY REALLY REALLY GOING TO HAPPEN AND IT'S NOT JUST TALK, LIKE THE IDEA OF AMERICA LAST YEAR LMAO. HOLY CRAP! SO EXCITED! Korea for a week with Qinycrown!!!!!! Oh my god!! And I hope others can come too!!!!!!!! #dying #dying #ded
Ok anyway HEHE she drove to Terry's (collecting Ben&Jerry's on the way, of course), got embarrassingly trolled by Tez and Sun whilst Facebook stalking LAWL, actually went bushwalking for a little while (Terry has a lake in his back yard wat), came back to Terry's, aaaaaaaaand after a little while went home ^_^.

OH MAN. I got my fill of food, of exercise and my friends but I still haven't done the thing that needs attention most!! My assignment!! Wish me luck for tomorrow friends >.<" sigh! ♥

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