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In the past few days I have been working, going to uni, reading JK Rowling's A Casual Vacancy (and not enjoying it at first, but getting quite into it now), met an old friend and talked about a rather shocking and disappointing chain of events, went to the beach and forgot my towel, not been bothered to blog, cooked and made some yummy smoothies for friends, and got absolutely smothered with mosquito bites, the latter of which were necessary in order to help a dear friend with her photography assignment.

I hope you are having a wonderful week, and haven't been getting too annoyed at my absence (I doubt anyone noticed/cared HAHA). There's been a bit of a less compulsion to blog lately, and so I changed my blogskin as often it is seeing the same thing again and again that inflames my lethargy. (I've even been tweeting less. What is wrong with the world?)

In any case, I've had a happy couple of days n_____n and an awesome Friday to look forward to! ♥ I've also been listening to Usher's Lemme See & Climax on repeat. Today, Qin exclaimed in the car "you have to get over that song!!" when I made sounds of interest as we flipped through the songs and heard the first few bars of Lemme See HAHA.

Another belated photodump coming up soon! Catch you lovely humans later <3

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