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my heart hurts. I had a happy and eventful day with my incredible Octo, in which we found out that Lynn's experiment turned out to be decidedly and rather entertainingly unexciting, Sunny & Terry trolled my instagram (and by extension Twitter and Facebook), practically worked out twice (the boys have recruited us to a mixed Touch team they are putting together and the girls and I spent most of our first lesson laughing and screaming [sorry]), we ate pizza and got Bay Vista (the first bite IS the best, and this crazy excess of carbs resulted in me spending much of my night with the button of my shorts undone).

I had a fun day, but sometimes life seems to have a funny way of reminding me of the underlying, ever-present niggling unhappinesses. I think I need some sleep.

I hope the rest of you had a wonderful public holiday! ♥ Back to work tomorrow~

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