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OH MY GOD FINALLY A LEGIT UPDATE. Sort of. LOL (Well okay no more morbid crap today, I'm quite happy! I think I have that Seasonal Disorder thing where my moods are drastically affected by the weather or something wtf.)
In any case, I gymmed with Qinqin today which means a car ride in the afternoon warmth, organised exercise in a dimly lit room, sweat dripping down my temples and the highly coveted post-gym endorphins. ^_~

Snaps from a spontaneous trip to Doll's Point beach maybe a month ago. (The truly memorable photos aren't up for public viewing though HAHA)

First three are me and Q getting ready and waiting for Kimmyboo to pick us up for Phil's birthday dinner at Crinitis. This was weeks ago
And the photo of Terry is me accompanying him on his very quick grocery shopping trip HAHA (me and Qin take for ever. We spent an hour in Coles once. Dont even ask.)

Belle the makeup artist and us (jk. mostly me) being vain

And this is the setting sun at Kempt Field less than a week ago when I went for a run

Hehehe!! I hope everyone has a great rest of the week and HAPPY HALLOWEEN for those in America/whoever's celebrating!! :*

P.S. Thoughts go to those whose lives are being affected by natural disasters, and other sorts of disasters too. Thinking of you. ♥

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