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It's like every time I blog I can't seem to shut the fuck up about how much I love taking photos and then editing them later. It's like breathing to me. I love it more than blogging, I think. Have I mentioned that already? (Is it too hard to believe?)

Damo's party was fun tonight, and I made some new friends which is always always good. It's weird, though; I never go to parties with the intention or the mindset of making new friends, it just sort of happens haha. Romy DJ'd all night, which made me happy, even though I had a period where I was slumped on Damo's bed because the little alcohol that I had consumed made me sleepy.

These shots are from before the party, where Belle and I went to Qin's to get our makeup done by Belle :D. The lighting was gorgeous and so was Belle's handiwork and Qin and B's faces hehe. Qin looked a bit like Dara in some of the shots.

Facebook no longer depreciates the quality of images! Hurrah ^_^. Anyway, I have work at 9:30 tomorrow morning, and it's so crucial that I eat healthily in the next few days.. I had cake and several slices of pizza tonight (mostly to absorb the alcohol). Not good gah.

Much love!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ More photos coming soon hehehe

P.S. I finished A Casual Vacancy. HOLY SHIT. IT'S SO INCREDIBLY UNFATHOMABLY GOOD. JK Rowling has certainly not lost any talent whatsoever for story-telling (although so many people have stated that the beginning was a little shaky, and I don't disagree; there are so many new characters to get used to and you really have to focus for the first few chapters to remember the subtle nuances of their relationships. Whatever. The rest of it makes up for it. SO GOOD. AGH)

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