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Aaahh, finally a blogskin I can live with. Hehehe.

Strange things are happening lately. Well, I won't say strange, but it's new, I suppose. And I spoke to my darling Mona today about how I felt about the things I talked about in the post below (actually the one below that heh) and she was the first person who has ever really understood what I was talking about. I've been reluctant to discuss it with others, because I didn't want people to think I was morbid or depressing, but she knew, and it appears she feels it too. I'm glad she does. n___n

I miss my Octo, and my atesum. I've been speaking more with people I didn't used to before and less with the ones closer to my heart. I miss loving those people. I miss the way I could really really really be myself, 'without reserve, without restraint'. I miss that.

I want to go home

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