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To be very honest with you, there is a little pit of doubt somewhere in the recesses of my mind regarding my future. And I don't mean my job or my family or whether I'll get into UTS next year or not, but more about if something might actually happen to me and I'll die young.

I know these are rather alarming thoughts to have, especially at this age, and someone who seems very content and happy like me. But I think it's precisely because I'm so content and happy that makes me wonder if the Law of Averages should allow me to have a long and happy life.

It truly is a privilege to grow old. I hope it's not too odd that sometimes I'm a little afraid of losing everything. (JUST SOME IDLE THOUGHTS I'VE HAD IN MY HEAD FOR A LITTLE WHILE LOL I hope no one takes this the wrong way)

P.S. I've been noticeably blogging less. And caring less. #wat #watishappening

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