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My exercise hasn't gone according to plan! I was supposed to exercise twice a day every day, but typical in typical Jess fashion I am of course hardly exercising once a day. After my nap this afternoon I woke up with my stomach behaving very very strangely and uncomfortably and so skipped out on gym :(. Instead, after the feeling passed, I went out to dinner where I proceeded to devour things I really, really shouldn't have.

Anyway, I'm watching the first episode of Daria now (which is unsurprisingly available on YouTube) and I'm thinking about downloading the rest of the first season hehe. Here are things I want/need to do for the rest of the month:

Read, work out, cut my hair, dye my hair, watch all the things John and PJ gave me, draw, work out, eat well, read some more, sleep a great deal, download more music, take photos, work out, see friends, and run run run forever. Oh, and work and get dat paper! I am very glad that Insearch holidays coincided with the new GCS wave hehe. Soundsgood/10 Going to be so tired/10

OH! Also, I booked my Invisalign appointment today! It'll be next Thursday and I'm a little nervous. What if I don't qualify to get Invisalign? :'(

Have a lovely week! xo

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