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Dunno why that song is stuck in my head right now, but it is

It was a cute little reunion, lovely to see everyone again - but to be honest I don't think I really talked to anyone much other than the people I usually did. There were a few loud armwrestling matches toward the end of the night that made it a classic Caringbah outing, and glorious cheat food that I swore I would go nuts on but I ended up having a big plate of salad and stopping when I was satisfied and not bloated O_o. I am both happy and disappointed at the same time HAHAHAHA. It was good ^_^ And last night made me realise how much I'd missed Wangays! ♥

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend hehe. HAVE A GREAT MONDAY! I start work! Omg keen to get that money, I hope I have a good first day back ^.^
P.S. That sounds a bit misleading. DON'T WORRY, I CHEATED HAHA, had a plate of fried things and the cheesy 2930203 calorie potato bake stuff and for dessert - I DIED at dessert holy FUCK - I had a waffle with chocolate fountain chocolate(!!!!), icecream and apple crumble all together. HOLY FUCK. JUST THINKING ABOUT IT MAKES ME ANGRY. WHY DID I NOT GO GET MORE????? #DYING I was even so focused on the food that I totally forgot about instagramming my food, apart from one pathetic photo of my fried things. This is how much I love food wtf.

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