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HELLO LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! (But mostly ladies I think HAHA) This post is for those who enjoyed my previous Photoshop post about Curves & Actions (but mostly Curves) :D. A few days ago, I made my own!!! And I want to share it with you guys!! Hover over to see the edited photo!!! (Jess is getting fancy with her HTML etc) (Allow a little time for the second pic to load! I promise it will come haha)

It's super simple, and actually made with the Instagram filter (particularly Amaro) in mind (although of course Amaro is bluer, and has a vignette), so if it reminds you of the Instagram effects, it's kinda meant to! Hehe

It's meant to be very basic/simple/sweet/every-day photos sort of curve. Versatile! That's the word. Quick enough to make your photos pop if you're in ze lazy mood - this curve is awesome for dull, overcast photos - and can't be bothered doing more than clicking a few buttons, but still nice enough so that it still looks like a pretty pic! ^_~

However, I wouldn't recommend it for every picture, of course. This curve doesn't suit darker photos or indoor, yellowey lighting so much.

John is a special case, though. While this curve makes the photo more dark and dramatic than I normally prefer, I usually like to desaturate it to make it more classic and timeless-looking. It's a good trick for when nothing you do makes the photo look good! Just desaturate it! LOL

Click here to download it, guys! My first Photoshop Curve, yay!!!

Feel free to use it, guys! You don't have to credit me if you use it and post it anywhere etc, but I'd simply rather you didn't claim you made up the curve on your own haha. Every artist (..PFFT LOLOLOLOL) likes to have their work recognised, I guess (AGAIN PFFT *snort* LOL) heheh :D ^_^


P.S. You know what I realised? Instead of being a regular girl and posting things like nail tutorials or hair tutorials or makeup tutorials I do things like photoshop. Idk what that makes me.
P.P.S. YOU MUST MUST MUST TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK OF THIS CURVE, IF YOU USE IT! I know my darling Tanya said she liked it but I'm so very curious to know what other people think as well! Hahaha n__n (Also Tanya is so lovely she would probably say nice things even if it was horrid)
P.P.P.S. Tanya suggested I upload on DeviantArt, too (where most people share their created curves&actions [among other things, of course!] etc).. Hmm, I might make one if people actually seem interested hehe (but that'll depend on feedback once again bahaha)

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