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My favourite moments of tonight would have to be the stupid and hilarious things Romy said, being called a Mad Ganga by Neel who was very much on stage, George's hug (which should not have had a time limit), and probably also talking to Ginnie. How lovely is she. I love her. She is also my height. Love her doubly.
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OH. And finally FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY MEETING MY BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL DARLING TANYA IN THE FLESH, who was less awkward than I was WTF. I mindblanked so hard oh my god all I could focus on was how manly I looked and how short I was and how my nose was oily and how pretty she was and also how tall her sister was (who is two years younger than me LOL k I am just going to blame my short parents). Oh my god what is life. And I actually pulled out my fucking $10 saucepan that I bought and started discussing it - DON'T EVEN ASK. Oh my god it is like a bizarre, embarrassing memory for me. BAHAHAHA. ♥ (But seriously what is wrong with me)

SEE Y'ALL LATER! I should sleep now because I need to go for a run tomorrow on account of eating pizza and some pasta tonight. Jess is a bad girl.

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