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These days, there really is no need to write an autobiography - social media does that for us. A picture tells a thousand words! Wish that'd fly with writing an essay.

My life through Instagram, dating from today back to about a week ago

Dinner at Third Rock with the Octoboys and Q after gym tonight / mini goddamn pineapple buns at Marigold Restaurant, Market City. Holy shit they were so divine I'm pretty sure I ate most of them / visiting Sydney Opera house in terrible weather - I was miserable half the day from the cold / momentary surges of motivation (goal is to reach 52 by the end of this month. Fingers crossed! I'm going to try gym five times a week!) / a photo of me that is about two weeks old, but I was messing around with Pixlr-o-matic haha / view from Centrepoint Tower for Bro's birthday / Kimmyboo & Jizzica, in the car picking Lynn up to head to T&J&R's birthday bash / delicious souvenirs of my trip to Costco / late to uni / uni outfit. So. fucking. comfy. You don't even knoowww. / MY FIRST NOGGI BABY! HOW CUTE IS IT HAHA :D

When I'm cold, I get quite grumpy and unhappy. I can't wait for summer! Can't wait to go shopping hehehe :3 and hopefully I'll be in single digits by then! V(^___^)V

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