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'Scuse the language but my afternoon took a surprisingly pleasant turn :D. I had lunch with a CEO today ... My classmate! His name is Gabe and when he was in year 10, he decided he wanted to make some money and taught himself web design etc etc - and launched his own company. I thought people like that only existed in the friend-of-a-friend's context, or of very successful people whose biographies you read or something, like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs.

So me, Gabe and Emily are talking and obviously I'm interested in how a guy my age - he's eighteen years old - has his own company (he gave me his goddamn business card. WHO - WHAT - HOW?) He's the 'chief executive officer' of Imaginater, a creative technologies solution company that he runs. Ugh, it was like an amusement park of questions had been unleashed inside me and I asked so many questions, and then somehow we got onto the topic of my photography and I showed him my (photo)blog - and he wanted to hire my services!!! Okay that makes me sound like a prostitute wtf. But yeah HAHAHA I'm just really pleased that anyone, let alone my business-running eighteen year old classmate could think that I have "what his clients are looking for" (and also he's not entirely satisfied with his current photographer). And I thought, why waste an opportunity!? I was thinking about taking my photography a bit more professionally anyway, but that was a few months ago and it sort of faded to the background after a while. And now.. I really see how having passions and interests can really lengthen your resume. Just the potential, the possibility of my future makes me happy and quite hopeful. ^_^

This is Gabe's website, and an example of a website (A J Rodgers Upholstery) he designed hehehe :)) (He said himself he's quite conservative with his portfolio, which I totally respect!) Click it, SO PROFESSIONAL OR!? And he actually charges quite cheap compared to his competitors, but expensive enough so that his clients can recognise he's a professional. This is what I don't have the confidence to do - to start something, to be responsible for something bigger than myself. But he told me he was exactly where I was two, three years ago, which is a little more comforting.

Much love! xo

P.S. Blogging from Uni HAHAHA fuck yeah no shitty filters like high school wtf
P.P.S. The other reason why I'm so cheerful is because I managed to scrape a HD for the essay I was undergoing mental hell for. Jessica is happy today n_____n

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