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I'm going to publicly blog my eating weaknesses every time I eat something I'm not supposed to, so the whole fucking world can see what little self control I have. (The goal of this is so that I DON'T eat badly so I have nothing to report and thus less shame wtf.)

This morning I had to finish the 2 petit macarons that were turning hard in my fridge, as well as a chocolate coated cream puff, a block and a half of dark chocolate (dark chocolate is allowed because it's 70% cocoa but I had that along with all this other shit) and a spoon of icecream. WHAT THE FUCK.

NO fucking self control ):< FUCK. And the thing is, I still want to eat right now. My body is getting used to having 2 big meals instead of several small ones.

And I know that tonight I shouldn't go korean bbq but I really want to.. NO. ):< FUCK NO. FUCK

(By the way that's not all I had for breakfast! Haha I just name the bad stuff.. And if anyone's interested, here is where I post my weight loss inspiration photos. Did this girl cave in and eat korean bbq and get frozen yoghurt in the one month she toned the fuck up!?


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