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I have a sudden craving for them. There is a huge half-full box of them in the fridge! :'(. But as Sunny keeps reminding me, 52, 52, 52, 52.. It will be worth it.

last night in black and white
(Look at me rhyming and shit)

In which my parents surprisingly let me out at 10:30 at night (Q and I decided to go to Elise&Harry's 19th after all), most of the Asians were/got wasted and the lighting of the photos were so terrible that I gave up hope and just desaturated them all)

HAHA the photos make it seem as though this is as small as the party was; this was just a random gathering in Harry's room later during the night :)))

After uni last Thursday, my baby and I spent a lovely afternoon/evening in one other's company, just "illchays"-ing :)

(Most meals of which are not mine)

Poporo @Market City with Annagays / either Anna or Gabe's affogato UGH jizz. / Sunnybunny's Burger meal at Eurobay this evening / Q and I's Smoked Salmon Timbale / My cheat dessert. LOLOL jokes I fucking wish, Sunny's Monte Madagascar from Bay Vista of course / Q's Tiramisu + Toffee Peanut Crunch icecream with fountain chocolate and strawberries

How depressing - I ate only about 1/6th of the things pictured. (My dessert was so disappointing - a bowl of fruit with a scoop of froyo, hardly photoshop/blog-worthy)

Wow. I honestly don't blog if there aren't any accompanying photos LOL. I hope you all had a fantastically good weekend! I did - well, it was pretty eventful at least ^___^ Mwah! ♥

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