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I hate not having the same uni holidays as everyone else! That's one of the big downsides of Insearch - you're at home, most likely capped from watching too many youtube videos / downloading movies while everyone else is at Uni, then YOU'RE back at uni when everyone ELSE is on holidays. #lame I can't complain though, I'm doing something I like and I only have 2 subjects a term :|. I am a little worried I won't be able to keep up with the rest of the students when I do finally get to UTS.

Anyways, Octo sleepover was another success (but what sort of sleepover isnt??), despite me drinking more than I could handle and being sleepy with my heart beat in my head for the rest of the night. Ugh. The only upside I can think to being a lightweight is not spending as much money on alcohol for something to happen wtf.

Anyway, tonight Wangays came over and had a quick dinner (he claims to have enjoyed my crumbed chicken.. but then again he's too polite to say otherwise) (but then AGAIN I would never serve him food I knew was distusting!) and we checked out the Asos clothes he got online! WOO. I would totes dress like him if I was a guy wtf, so simple, jeans + tshirt + hoodie = done. I SWEAR GUYS HAVE IT SO EASY WHEN IT COMES TO DRESSING! Though I do enjoy the wider selection that females have :3

Okay anyhows, I have 3 assessments due next week, two of which are on Monday. I have not started writing for any three of them.. Still doing preliminary research etc because I suck :(.


P.S. Wangays made a good effort of explaining to me the rules of NRL with the mayonnaise bottles on the dinner table, since State of Origin is going to be on tonight and all that. SO YE, PRETTY KEEN FOR NSW TO WIN. WHY DO WE SUCK? WTF? WE GOT PWND 7 YEARS IN A ROW?? WHAT IS THIS?

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