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Okay, one thing about me is that I don't keep up very vigorously with music at all, so when I study and I need to fill in the silence I usually turn to 8tracks for awesome music mixes!!!! 8track is a site where users can make a playlists of music, and usually there's a theme that joins it all together of course :)))) And you can look up multiple tags at once - e.g. indie + folk, or chill + study etc :3

Here are some of my favourites! ♥
  • instrumental covers (rap & r&b edition) by lauraxrushing
    Intensely awesome mix of cello, piano and saxophone covers of popular R&B songs (featuring Rihanna, Trey Songz, Bruno Mars, Kanye West and so much more goodness). Mind = exploded all over my computer

  • Movie Scores for Study Time by MangoDonut and I think he's a bit of a big deal on 8track or something, don't really know, but if the comments are anything to go by, this is some awesome stuff :))

  • MORE Movie Scores for Study Time! by MangoDonut

  • HP. by rainrays, aw it says she had to remove some of the songs though, but I faved this playlist a while ago so I'm sure it's still got some good stuff ^_^"

  • The tag list for Disney X Instrumental mixes. DON'T LAUGH!! Disney music is really, really good!! LOL
  • Okay that should be enough to get you guys started! I just found out there is a tag for sex, so I know where I'll be getting my music next time I'm getting down HAHAHA

    Okay wtf that was weird. Anyway. YOU'RE WELCOME SEXY BITCHES! Have fun widdit 8) xo
    P.S. And when I say my music is old, I MEAN old. As in Delta Goodrem's Innocent Eyes old, and Jojo's Too Little Too Late old. Omfg

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