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I wonder if it is possible to have a limit on happiness. I hope there is none. I had a wonderful day today! When I was washing my face/makeup off after Lorraine's, I really just couldn't stop smiling ^_____^ ♥

First one to Lorraine's house! Had to take advantage of the gorgeous lighting in her bedroom of course!

Ayu and I upholding our tradition of not functioning properly in photos together. It's a strange phenomenon that happens with just her and I

Joan dyed her hair brown! Speaking of Joan, there was a whole issue with her losing her phone on the train and calling it with Sandy's phone to try get it back. Turns out the guy on the other end was a complete douchebag.. So Joan and Q go out to Central to meet this cunt who is asking for money AND seems likely to not give the phone back at all - until we learn that he is actually a cityrail train guard. The whole ordeal made me so pissed off and sort of wish that I was like a 6 foot bodybuilder wtf ):<

Belinda (and her new lavender hair) is so beautiful it hurts. And my affection for Sandybabes only grew stronger today ♥

My ladylovers kekeke

Gorgeous Chocolate Mousse cake Lynn bought for Lorraine! NOMNOM

Gorgeous birthday girl ♥

They remind me why I love photography, and how it feels to go to sleep full of content. Goodnight world! I hope tomorrow brings even better things to come (although yesterday was hard to top ;))

P.S. Oooh also, super happy about my makeup purchase today! (Scroll up to the foist photo of Belle, it's the pink cylinder she's holding in her hands) I'd always heard that Skin79's BB creams were famous and I didn't doubt it - they were just too expensive for a girl like me who never really wore makeup anyway wtf (the BB cream was usually around $30 whenever I see them in asian beauty stores). But Lorraine'd bought 2 in Hong Kong and was looking to sell one, I tried some of it and it was so so so so so damn good so I was sold instantly!! Especially as she was selling it for $15 WTF. MINE! MUHAHAHA :) So yah, happy happy! It smells great too! And besides the only makeup I usually ever wear is just eyeliner and/or BB cream anyway, maadddd ceebs foundation #lazybutt

Okay time to sleep!! 4:29 am aiyah .. /__\"

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