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How well do you really know your friends and your family? You live with them, spend time with them, you joke with them and have "been through so many things together".

But do you really know them? What do they want? What are their wishes and their dreams and what bothers them and makes them uncomfortable? What upsets them, really upsets them, not just when you don't wash the dishes or put things back where they're supposed to be? What do you know about them besides their favourite colour or what car they want when they're older and which celebrity they're obsessed with? What are their plans for the future? How do they feel about the future? Are they scared? Are they happy?

And do they care about you this way? Do they want to know about your dreams and hopes and wishes and do they want to know what makes you upset and are they your friend because they're your friend or because you just met at the right place at the right time? (A little bit of both actually)

I want to add something profound but I'm just sort of hungry now

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