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I take my family for granted. Almost all the time. I am more grateful now, I'm more thankful, I've grown up - but until recently I didn't .. I didn't register how much I truly need them in my life. Just .. to function, in general.

My mum's overseas at the moment and I actually haven't spoken to her for two weeks now. The two times I've called she hasn't picked up, and she doesn't call home here - probably because it's expensive to call from China to Australia and because I'm not home alone, I have my dad with me.

Still. Silence from my parents.. I can't handle that. As in if they weren't in my life anymore, I think I would just sink into myself. Be in a fetus position permanently or something. Dehydrated. Emotionally, I'd pull away from everyone and everything.

This year has been really interesting. Really really great, actually, in that not all of it has been great. But I'm learning new things about myself, going through things I've never gone through before, nor could have ever ever ever imagined. To the point that I find myself truly unable to properly articulate what I mean to say, how I feel.

It's strange. But I'm glad that I'm still here, really. My 'happy spirit', as silly as that sounds.

I need Him. I need them all.


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