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Assignments n dat are piling up (I hate this fucked up out-of-sync timing that Insearch has but oh well) and father is home, which means I am now much more constrained than before. Hopefully I'll kick ass tomorrow assignments-wise >:(! And I have to go to the post office to collect parcels too! (Maybe I'll run there as incidental exercise and save time while I'm at it LOL)

Amusing and rather sexist sign by Sumo Salad

Ayu and I returned to high school to collect our E2 stories (to burn. I swear to god my story is - I don't even have words), and that is Ayu talking to Mr Gospbel
+ our Japanese food at Caringbah hehe

tonight at The Italian Job cafe:
Jamie's Beef Lasagne which he actually finished so quickly without anyone noticing wtf

Qin's Fettuccine Boscaiola // Terry's Linguini Pescatore (MAD LOVE FANCY EUROPEAN FOOD NAMES LOL)

My Bella Vista Salad :)
Really warming up to the foods I didn't used to eat very often / like very much, like prawns and avacado haha!

Food was delicious, I loved the teeny cosy family atmosphere of the cafe! So going to go there again for a cheat meal hopefully for pizza ^.^ (And another place I can put in my mental list of Places To Go On A Date With Future Boyfriend. Note that thus far I have only restaurants/cafes on this list.. Forever a fatass) Check out The Italian Job's website, its pretty gorgeous and they're definitely worth a visit! (Okay I feel like I am becoming a food blog now what)

Aw man! I keep forgetting to get my memory card out of Sunny's car! SUNNYBUNNY IF U R READING THIS, REMIND ME / REMEMBER OK

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