23, Sydney AU


Photos from Sunny's 18th rather late-night dinner. I love you bubz! (But you know that already)

(John resisting my efforts of taking his photo, and Jamie not so much, and Sunny just laughing in the background. Terry digging into what must be known as the unmanliest meal ever - who gets like a fruit gelato dessert for dinner? [John does ♥])

(I also don't think much of San Souci's Big Johns Italian Seafood Restaurant (or whatever it's called). Waitress was a bitch, and then there was a cockroach RIGHT NEXT TO ME ON THE WALL. As in I am sitting next to the wall and there is a FUCKING COCKROACH MAKING ITS WAY DOWN TO THE FUCKING TABLE. I think I hath developed a slight phobia of cockroaches or something, so I just turned to my left (the wall was on my right) and smashed my face into John's shoulder and screamed for a bit lololol. Thank fuq Qin killed it I hate dat shit TT___TT)

Jamie and his monstrous pizza (as expected). And then Qin and her Tomato Chicken Monstrosity (also expected)


Sunny's expression = how I feel about deleting photos from my blog LMAO.

P.S. I swear to you I don't just take photos and goof off at work, I actually do work when I work (HEY I'M NOT BAD ALRIGHT), the server was just down for a good 2/3 of the day so everyone literally just hung around and chilled until they finally told us to go home. (Anna Law was very happy about the fact that we were still getting paid for doing nothing lmao)

Derping around at Penshurst station because I missed my stop

P.P.S. Jess is in a strange mood today. I shall write in The Book soon :) That always makes me feel better ♥

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