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I enjoy the under-exaggerated way we humans mentally categorise our days by our sleeps

The cutest Terrybear in his pj pants and the blue hoodie I love so much // chilling at T's and manly men attempting to hitch Sunny's birthday present (..bike.. exhaust.. pipe thing. I lack Qin's easy assimilation into the world of males)

Jam and Q's meal at Spago, Beverly Hills. Overpriced (fancy plate of beef bolognaise + risotto & tiramisu was $54 together) and kinda crappy service in my opinion but still overall pretty impressed since it was an Italian restaurant run by Asians - and I absolutely love quaint romantic cafe restaurants :$ LOL hehe. Gonna go there with my future bf and learn all the Italian food slang 8)

A terrible representation of the ridiculously uplifting skies outside the glass windows today
Jess is happier. Everything will be okay, and I'm glad I know that I don't have to feel okay all the time. Much love! ♥

OH! Almost forgot to blog about today, though there's really not much to blog about. Mother left for China so I am being a little bit of a lonely child adult for some 72 hours until Daddy returns Sunday night :). SO instead of stashing the work fridge with (LEGIT) 5 lunchboxes filled with food and fruit, I only had 2 small square boxes of fruit ..which I finished on the train as breakfast on account of having forgotten to bring an apple HAHAHAHA. Fail. As a result, spend a grand total of almost $20 on salad wtf. Subway salads become much better once you add a scoop of tuna and crabmeat onto it :3

I honestly have nothing much else to say. My life has been a whirlwind of work, uni and a social life desperately crammed on the side. I suppose if you dug a little deeper, you would find my life also peppered with impulsive midnight desires to bring to existence recipes that involve chocolate protein powder and/or peanut butter, dramatic Skype conversations with Wangays, depleting my meagre stash of T2 tea and evading the eyes of supervisors at work as I alternate restlessly between Twitter, Facebook and Formspring. Oh, and driving lessons wherein I am now much more natural and in fact prone to speeding, more often than not. MY FRIENDS ARE BAD INFLUENCES. I miss sleep. And I miss my parents. I miss having people who I can selfishly claim as all mine.

(Okay so I guess that the first line of the previous paragraph was a lie LOL)

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